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Just 8 Steps for a Winning Social Media Strategy

Infographics – graphic-heavy presentations of facts – are all over the Web. The images hit the brain like bullet points, enabling businesses and nonprofits to add a ‘cool’ factor to stats and talking points.  more compelling. Now, there’s an infographic detailing 8 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy, and it’s really good. Read the text for clarification, […]

Vine & Instagram: Tips for Good Videos

How to tell a compelling and coherent story in 15 seconds (Instagram) or Vine (6 seconds) isn’t easy, but more users are doing it every day. Finding tips isn’t that hard — they’re even available on CNN!

Google+ Deserves More Respect

Social media “guru” Guy Kawasaki says Google+ is “the Macintosh of social media: It’s better and fewer people use it.” This is a network created by Google, meaning that it boosts overall SEO and online presence.  And, it’s a great place for free video teleconferencing. These 10 things NOT to do on your Google+ account are helpful […]

Social Media for First-Timers

I’ve heard several people say that instructions offered by social media sites are difficult to understand. Try search engines to find easier how-to solutions for beginners, like this one for Pinterest, or this guide for Twitter. provides newbie hints for Facebook and more. Don’t give up!

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