Don’t Ignore Boomers Online, Especially If They’re Shopping

Slowly but surely, Baby Boomers are getting more comfortable with online financial transactions. A September 2013 survey by security firm McAfee found that almost 9 of 10 adults age 50-75 have made a purchase online. That’s important, because this generation now controls 70% of America’s discretionary income. Some experts estimate their spending power at $2 trillion or higher.

How does this information impact your digital strategy? Can visitors to your website make purchases — or donations — easily? What if they want to use a smartphone or tablet? Boomers’ use of those devices is on the rise, too.

Just 8 Steps for a Winning Social Media Strategy

Infographics – graphic-heavy presentations of facts – are all over the Web. The images hit the brain like bullet points, enabling businesses and nonprofits to add a ‘cool’ factor to stats and talking points.  more compelling. Now, there’s an infographic detailing 8 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy, and it’s really good.

Read the text for clarification,  but understand that although it sounds simplistic, these 8 steps can get the job done well.

More Americans Are Watching TV Without a TV

New term: Cord cutting. “It signals the biggest change in media consumption since the Internet began killing newspapers over a decade ago. The nearly 1 million households that have cut their cords in the past 12 months represent a fraction of the overall television market, according to a new report by Moffett Research. But that’s double the number that bailed the previous year.” Read More 

Image Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

A Must-See for Every Speaker

If you’re planning to give a presentation, watch this first. Your audience will thank you.



Vine & Instagram: Tips for Good Videos

How to tell a compelling and coherent story in 15 seconds (Instagram) or Vine (6 seconds) isn’t easy, but more users are doing it every day. Finding tips isn’t that hard — they’re even available on CNN!

Google+ Deserves More Respect

Social media “guru” Guy Kawasaki says Google+ is “the Macintosh of social media: It’s better and fewer people use it.” This is a network created by Google, meaning that it boosts overall SEO and online presence.  And, it’s a great place for free video teleconferencing. These 10 things NOT to do on your Google+ account are helpful tips for new users.

Is Your Brand Mobile-Ready?

Eighty per cent of the world’s one billion smartphone users access social networks via their phones. This infographic by Wishpond offers stats any digital marketer needs to know, including, “one in three consumers has changed their purchasing choices while in store as a result of research on their mobile device.”

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